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AW: fdformat surprise

fdformat is to be called with the complete device name, that is for

fdformat /dev/fd0u1440

If your floppy has never been accessed fdformat doesn´t know what
geometry to format. This is the standard behaviour as long as I know

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>Von: 	Susan G. Kleinmann[SMTP:sgk@kleinmann.com]
>Gesendet: 	Montag, 20. Januar 1997 19:35
>An: 	debian-devel@lists.debian.org
>Betreff: 	fdformat surprise
>If a user hasn't initialized the parameters of /dev/fd0 by running setfdprm,
>then the command 
>    fdformat /dev/fd0
>yields the error message "No such device" which is a little confusing,
>especially when he can actually see the device.
>This error message is cleared away after the user runs
>    setfdprm /dev/fd0 720/1440
>or whatever is the appropriate setting for his drive.
>I wonder if there's a mechanism (other than questioning the user during 
>a postinst script) by which the user can be alerted to run setfdprm 
>before encountering the fdformat error message.
>Susan Kleinmann
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