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Re: Emacs and XEmacs coexisting


On 27 Jan 1997, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:

> Mark,
>   We need to co-ordinate using update-alternatives for the following
> binaries:
> usr/bin/b2m
> usr/bin/ctags
> usr/bin/emacsclient
> usr/bin/etags
> usr/bin/rcs-checkin
> The next version of XEmacs (probably v20.0) that I upload will have
> these with update-alternatives.

> We still have two other issues:
> 1) We have some of the same info files in /usr/info and in
>    /usr/info/dir.  I'm not sure what to do about that.

Join them in a current Emacs-common-doc package if they really are 
identical. Including the manpages for etags and ctags will be good too.

> 2) Byte-compiling.  XEmacs can't read the byte-compiled versions that
>    GNU Emacs puts out.

Nothing to do without breaking everything. IMHO, the good question is 
what to do with ELisp file in text format. I suggest to distribute binary
for both emacs and xemacs (as I will do with auctex) and then having a 
common place for elisp files or a way to ask the version before 
installing at the right place and updating the package.list file. Having 
a common site-lisp could be good too, IMHO.

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