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Re: Manual pages for GNU programs: template

> Winfried Truemper:
> > IMHO, man-pages are technical references. As such, they should be
> > "complete".
> For real manual pages, yes, but this is supposed to be a quick way
> to get at least some useful information (command line synopsis) and
> a pointer to the real manual. If we require Debian maintainers to 
> rewrite the Info files as manual pages, it will cause them much
> more work, and I don't think that's a good idea.

I agree with Winfried; not everything comes with info documentation.
I think a nice manpage template would help a lot (let it be included 
in dpkg-dev)

> > Lars, could you provide a README or something like that ("style guide") 
> > for you sample man-page to cover those aspects? (read: the things you did
> > well but didn't explain explicitly).
> man(1) and man(7) should cover this. If not, I could write something,
> but I'm not really very good at troff -- I just copy and imitate
> what other pages do.

I could write such a template if you want (modulo english grammer and
spelling correction, of course)

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