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Re: Debian development using the master account?

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Chow Chi-Ming wrote:

> >>>>> "Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
> Dale> Distributing the bandwidth amongst the developers keeps every
> Dale> individual contribution managable and fair. 
> Uploading only diffs means a saving of bandwidth for all developers
> and reduces _a lot of_ traffic into master. 

With increased processing costs to master.

>                                              It is not about
> re-distributing bandwidth, but about _cutting down_ bandwidth.  It
> makes much difference for those who pay by-the-minute for their modem
> access to the net (I am being one of the unluck few) who wish to
> maintain large packages.

We all would be disapointed if your contribution were missing. But we each
deal with our net access as best we can and modify our contributions based
on our individual ability to do the job. It would be a shame if you were
not able to do all the things you wish, but it is unfair to ask a major
contributor to increase his contribution with no benefit to his efforts.

> Dale> Loading the bulk of
> Dale> the effort on to master is something I can't speak to...that's
> Dale> not my contribution. I can say that putting more burden on
> Dale> master will just make it even more difficult to communicate
> Dale> with. There are diminishing returns to every trade-off.
> Of course all these depends entirely on whether there are enough
> resources available to us on master (Is the owner of master reading
> this thread?).  The nice level of building .deb files can be set
> properly to avoid heavy CPU load.
Even if master had the resources, and were willing to contribute them, I'm
not sure it would be the right thing to do. 
The new source packaging standard is the result of much discussion on
improving these issues. As a result the new design removed the requirement
of repeated uploads of source. This design did so without increasing any
load on master. This was a dramatic improvement and reduced everyones
band-width costs. 
Your proposal simply shifts costs from the group at large to our key
support hardware.
Rather than a generalistic change, we should deal with this on an
individual basis. Those developers who find themselves with overextended
resources can be found "places to build packages". 
For instance, I could contribute some of my machine resources to the
building of one large package for you, with you sending the diff/dsc to me
(maybe even via e-mail, but ftp is also possible). The difficult part
would be signing the package. Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with
the pgp signature issue? Can the master archive maintainance accept
alternate signatures on some "special" package?

I suspect that master could accept one or two packagers of this type. Can
we get some show of hands about how many people need to take advantage of
some external hardware support?



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