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Re: libc4 (Was: Re: New source format repackaging: Status.)

> abuse		(executables under /usr/lib/games/abuse)
> Of course aout-svgalib, libc4, and xcompat are obviously a.out.  8)
> Can we make sure that packages like this are recompiled or removed before
> libc4 is pulled from the distribution?

I doubt that crack.com will ever recompile a elf version of abuse.  Of
course, they might if asked very nicely :-) Since I don't have the abuse
source, there's no way to make it elf, and so if libc4 is pulled, abuse
will have to be pulled as well. 

Could libc4, just be moved into contrib instead? Abuse is already in
contrib, and it makes sense that any other programs that are only
available in a.out form, we don't have the source to, so those programs
should be in contrib. It'd be nice to keep libc4 and the other a.out libs
available, though not part of the main debian distribution, for those of
us who still haven't beat abuse :-)

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