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Re: Bug#6394: dpkg: dselect's treatment of Recommends

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> Ok, maybe since the Q key binding is there, this bug should just be merged
> with the "bad dselect interface" line of bugs. I think it should still be
> kept open, though, becuase IMHO, dselect should still handle this much
> better.

Wait! I don't understand the point we are getting to in this discussion.
Are there really _any_ reasons, why we want to dselect to behave the way
it does now when handling `recommends'?

I can't see any! If a package _needs_ another package the it should
`depend' on it. If it is perhaps more useful together with another
package, it should `suggest' it. But when the user/admin says he
definitely don't want to install the `recommended' package, we does
dselect have to ask for this every time?

The work-around `Q' is not acceptable for me, since it makes things more
complicated for newbies than necessary.

I don't know the source of dselect but I think this change
(suggest==recommend) should be very easy and could be implemented before
we get a new GUI on top of dpkg.

Just my 2 cents,


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