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Re: Future Debian CD plans

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Mike Neuffer wrote:

>> I'd suggest finalising the vote within 14 days and then trying to get the
>> T-shirts out in a further couple of weeks if we can manage it. There are
>> lost of people saying they'd like T-shirts...
>This takes time (unfortunately), but all the people working on those logos
>are volunteers. 


>All the logos we have still suffer from common problems:
>1. We do not have hi-rez versions. For proper printing
>   we need 2400DPI versions which we do not have.
>2. Many of them do not very good if you convert them to a 1-bit or 2 bit 
>   bitmap.

This is the kind of comment I've been making on the vote page. Some of the
simpler ideas, however, look like they will fulfill both of these criteria
already. It's just a case of deciding on the one to go with sooner rather
than later.

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