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Re: Debian Specialities (fwd)

According to Kai Henningsen:
> clameter@waterf.org (Christoph Lameter)  wrote on 02.01.97 in <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.95.970102130409.16416D-100000@waterf.org>:
> > Dosemu needs to know _where_ the kernel source is and has to verify
> > that it doesn't do anything silly, because some important
> > stuff is compiled depending on the kernel. Those parts will perhaps
> > become fewer, when 2.1.x becomes 2.2.x, but they will exist also than.
> This seems silly. The kernel source that a /usr/include/linux symlink  
> points to does not necessary have any relation at all to which kernel is  
> actually running, and in fact *will* be a different version on very many  
> Linux boxes.
> If dosemu relies on the /usr/include/linux to find out about the current  
> kernel, then this is a bug.

Another point:

GNU libc is _also_ moving to the scheme Debian uses now (header files
independant of the kernel) and in a few months lots of people will be
using it.

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