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Re: Bug#6772: 9wm sloppy about state

Raul Miller:
> > I've gotten a core dump from 9wm by killing it, the core dump is 
> > attached to this message. 
Philippe Troin:
> Attaching a core dump to a bug report is not a thing to do...
> Especially when this gets distributed to all the Debian developpers.
> I hope the bug tracking system will cope with it...


should bug reports go to all Debian developers?  Is there ever
a reason to not use maintonly?

The bug tracking system doesn't currently let me append information
for the developer to a bug report except if I wait for the bug
acknowledgement, which can take hours.  At that point it becomes
easier to download the source, debug the package and fix it myself
(or to punt the package entirely).


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