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IANA stuff (was: Re: Bug#6631: /etc/services is missing "cvspserver")

bcwhite@verisim.com (Brian C. White)  wrote on 16.01.97 in <32DE8EAE.58E550B9@verisim.com>:

> The "/etc/services" file should include the line
> 	cvspserver      2401/tcp
> This is a registered port number used by CVS for client/server operations.

And we shortly had something similar for MIME types.

This brings me to my question.

I already have a private mirror of the IANA documents.

Would it be useful to make those into a doc package? I think it's  
currently about 0.5 MB, in gzipped files. It would probably need to be  
upgraded often, like the HOWTO package.


MfG Kai

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