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Dismal failures with Debian boot floopy

I tried to boot two different computers using "rescue" disk from
1.2 release and failed miserably in both cases.  The only comon
point I see between these two machines is PCI bus.

One of machines is my desktop Intel box which runs Linux for
a looong time.  Currently it has Cyrix chip, NCR SCSI controller
and SCSI CD.  The other one is laptop Toshiba Tecra 500 CDT
with true Intel Pentium and ATAPI/IDE interface.

Both these machines failed consistently with boot disks using 2.0.27
(Decemeber) and 2.0.25 (November); different physically diskettes did not
change anything.  Failure modes are always the same although different
for both machines.

Toshiba simply reboots immediately after "loading linux" is finished.
No messages.  Just blank screen and reboot.

The desktop box goes further and tries to probe for various CD
interfaces.  After an attempt at Goldstar at 0x340 it locks up totally;
even "three finger salute" does not work.  When I try to "protect"
this address it tells me that the address is not available and promptly
locks up again.  Unfortunately perusing this disk I did not find
a method to prevent these demented probes.  Nice "rescue"!

Boot disks from Red Hat distribution, S.u.S.E and mine old Slackware
boot pair boot both machines witout any problems.  I heard about
"quality distribution" and planned to try.  Evidently not this time.


P.S.  Putting "debian@debian.org" as a "general contact address" on
yours WWW page does not seem be a nice thing to do.

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