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Re: Debian development using the master account?

Guy Maor:
> It's certainly feasible to write a program which could change the
> owners and groups of files in the dpkg.  But why?  Hopefully you
> testing your packages by at least installing them, which requires you
> to be root anyway.  If you can install them, you can just build them.

But suppose you're building a big package.  You have a 386 at home
where you are root, and you have an account on a PPro with lots of
RAM and disk space, but no root access.  Allowing package builds
as non-root would make it possible to compile everything on the big
machine, and then test the package on your small home box.

Besides, as we all know it is good practice to avoid using the root
account unless absolutely necessary.  gcc still has /tmp bugs, etc.


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