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Me too!

I noticed several people argue with their taste and opinion. It's
very hard for me to follow these "arguments" without having the explicit
reasons. Maybe I'm too stupid or I just read too few contributions to
debian-devel to get the idea. But I suspect this (in this case). ;-)

The foundation of the technical excellence which attracts me to this list 
is the knowledge of the people on it. If the purpose of this list was the
implementation of a democracy instead, the "me too"-arguements would fit
just fine.
Even the "it _must_ be so and so" seems unfair to me until the author
does not share his knowledge and experience with me. ;-)
And - it is not possible under this circumstances to check if both apply
for a given case. Yes, it's much more work to be verbose, but maybe this
reduces the number of posts to this list (is anybody capable of reading
them all?).


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