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Re: CD issues

Steve Dunham <dunham@dunham.tcimet.net> wrote:
>What still needs to be done to get Debian to boot from one CD and one

On a theoretical basis, it's fairly trivial: modify the root disk to
allow users to read the base.tar.gz from the CDROM rather than floppies
(hell, if you wanted to be incredibly archaic, you could read it from
the floppy _images_ on the CD!) That's about it, really.

The step after _that_ is to allow booting just off the CD: create the
/usr, /etc, /bin, etc. directories on the CD (possibly in a subdirectory,
with symlinks) with the same files as on the root disk.

If nobody else is working on this, I'll do it over next weekend (and
possibly before.)

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