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Re: CD issues

Steve Dunham <dunham@dunham.tcimet.net> wrote:
>base1_2.tgz should be sufficient.  The key issue seems to be finding
>and mounting the CD. Apparently, the loadable modules are on the drv
>disk. How much is in the kernel on the boot disk? We may need to

Well, we could skip over one-disk installs, and go straight to CD
installs, in which case we only need the kernel on the CD to hold
all the needed drivers :-) The only problem here is possibly memory -
installing on 4MB systems would be tight. In fact, IIRC, only the
kernel is on the boot disk, so it can be as big as it need be - subject
to the eternal curse of memory, that is.

>> The step after _that_ is to allow booting just off the CD: create the
>> /usr, /etc, /bin, etc. directories on the CD (possibly in a subdirectory,
>> with symlinks) with the same files as on the root disk.
>How would you make it read-write?

There's no need. All the writing is done to the drives you're installing
_to_ (or should be), so there's no need to make the CD read-write. Just
create an empty directory for mounting the target before you burn the
CD, and Bob's your uncle. (Actually my late great uncle, but hey,
who's counting? :-)

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