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DOS cross-compiler -- making a package

Well, I found something interesting today.  There is a cross-compiler for 
Linux that will generate DOS code.  This is something that I've needed for 

On SunSite, there are several packages (4) that are needed to run the 
compiler. Since I was not sure if they'd work or anything, I just downlaoded 
all 4.  Only one of those packages has source readily available, BTW.

Since I didn't know if they would work or anything, I just created a "dummy" 
package and untarred everything into debian/tmp, made a small control file, 
and than made a dpkg file.  (Nice way of doing things -- makes it easy to 

So my question now is: Would a DOS cross-compiler be a nice thing to include 
with Debian?  And if so, is the lack of available sources a problem?  If the 
answer is no, I'll start up on the task of fixing the paths in there to make 
them FSSTND-compliant and then upload a .deb for i386.  Also, I don't think 
that this package would be possible to port to other architectures that Debian 
runs on (but then, it would probably be useless on the other architectures 
that Debian runs on <g>)

BTW, I noticed that there is a Win32 cross-compiler in Debian already, but it 
is out-of-date and doesn't work....  I tried it!

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