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Re: Debian 1.2.2 and dependency on libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1)

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> > > What we should probably have is a machine that is running the latest 
> > > stable version (stable.debian.org) and enable developers to recompile 
> > > their packages their for fixing bugs.  We can't force developers to run a 
> > > stable only distribution if we want 1.3 to fit together nicely.
> > > 
> > You can't force anything in a group of volunteers ;-) But you can expect
> > that people who take the responsibility for maintaining a package should
> > be able to move a couple of libraries around when building a bug fix for
> > "stable".
> Still, I like the proposal. Althought I know how to move around a
> few libs, I also know much better how to forget to do so. And, I
> may not be able to install the "stable" libs, as half of my system
> may depend[1] on the new libs/packages in unstable, thus making it quite
> hard for me to release a bugfix stable package. I believe there are only
> 20--30 bugfixes so far for rex, and those packages could well have
> been built on some other system. It may be difficult to find somebody 
> willing to give his stable system away for this purpose, though.
> [1] I just had to release a rex-xfig, and installed libc-5.4.13. I am
>     still very surpriced that I could do so, and wonder why dpkg didn't
>     complain about tons of unfulfilled dependancies.

This is, apparently, a bug in dpkg, but, at this point, a helpful one ;-)

I have been working on a "loop mounted root file system" to build Drop In
Debian (DiD). I can currently get a "reasonable" development system into
about 40 meg, so, without a new partition, but only some file space, you
could build a "stable" development system seperate from the "bleeding
edge"  system that could be used to build stable-fixed packages. I still
have several things to work out yet, but I'll keep you informed.



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