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Re: Bug#6772: 9wm sloppy about state

> > should bug reports go to all Debian developers?  Is there ever
> > a reason to not use maintonly?
> It's kind of nice to have it go to developers in case someone else
> has some insight into the problem.
You mean like in this case where I mispelled the package name?
[Which would guarantee that maintonly wouldn't go to the right
> > The bug tracking system doesn't currently let me append information
> > for the developer to a bug report except if I wait for the bug
> > acknowledgement, which can take hours.  At that point it becomes
> > easier to download the source, debug the package and fix it myself
> > (or to punt the package entirely).
> Since the subject usually has the bug number, you can always just
> add the "<bug-number>@bugs.debian.org" on your own.  This is what I
> often do.

Exactly, it takes hours to get the bug-number because it's hours
from the time I send the message to the time I get the acknowledgement.


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