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Re: long lines in source package (was: Re: no final newline in source package: how to deal with this?)

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Christoph wrote:

> Patch the patch <G> program. We cannot avoid the issue here since it is an
> upstream generated one in contrast to the debmake issue which was an
> internal issue of the project.

I don't see any alternative to fixing patch, even though it will only be a
fix in the Debian distribution, I can see no application for a Debian
Source Package outside of a Debian system.

> BTW: Perhaps we can make dpkg-source warn on those lines (and also on
> directories generated by diffs) instead of failing?
Dpkg-source needs to trap everything at package creation time that it will
catch on package extraction.
We also need to publicize the patch to patch for those outside of the
Debian community to use, and hopefuly it will be incorporated into the
upstream source.



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