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AW: MS Exchange

Hmm, I tried from Netscape entered my standard NT password and got a
server denied connection message.

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>Von: 	linuks[SMTP:linuks@linuks.com]
>Gesendet: 	Dienstag, 14. Januar 1997 16:39
>An: 	'Michael Meskes'
>Cc: 	'debian-devel@lists.debian.org'
>Betreff: 	RE: MS Exchange
>It is build into exchange 4.0 service pack 3. You can get the service
>packs from
>you can not configure it although ( you probably can through the
>registry ).
>just point your client to your server's ip address and you're off.
>Most configuration is handled by the client anyway.
>>From: 	Michael Meskes[SMTP:meskes@topsystem.de]
>>Sent: 	woensdag 15 januari 1997 16:20
>>To: 	linuks
>>Cc: 	debian-devel@lists.debian.org
>>Subject: 	Re: MS Exchange
>>linuks writes:
>>> Ms exchange supports IMAP and POP3 , at least the service pack 3 
>>> for exchange 4 (and definitely the 5 beta).
>>Clients? Or server? I want to get my mail via POP3 from an MS Exchange
>>server. I just found a third party product for that. But I cannot find it
>>anywhere in MS Exchange (server that is).
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