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Maintainer(s) dead?

I have submitted bug reports for both the mSQL and Postgres95 database systems 
and have received no answer from the maintainer.  Both of those also 
apparently have other outstanding unanswered bugs.

Are these maintainers still alive, and if not, is somebody else managing these 
packages?  Both are very important as they are "industrial-strength" systems 
sometimes used in mission-critical situations, so these are two packages must 
not fall through the cracks.  If nobody else is maintaining these packes, 
somebody else should.

Debian's Postgres95 is missing some important parts, and mSQL has some 
installation problems.  Both of these must be fixed before 1.3 is released, 

I consider these problems to be of a fairly high priority...some other bugs I 
have reported are not this important, but I think these are.

John Goerzen

John Goerzen          | Running Debian GNU/Linux (www.debian.org)
Custom Programming    | 
jgoerzen@complete.org | 

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