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Re: menu generated windows manager files

> 1.) /usr/X11R6/include/X11/{bitmaps,pixmaps} should be defined as
> standart icon path for all programms (maybe this has already been done
> by fsstnd. if not, put it into policy or programmers manual).

Seems fine with me, although I don't really see the benefints to this.

> 2.) change windowmanager config files to include theese directories
> 	(system.fvwm2rc has no path at all, system.fvwmrc is fine,
> 	fvwm95 is also fine, can other wm use icons ?)

Most window manages I know can use icons, although I don't think
(I'm not sure) any window managers other that the fvwm2-derived
ones (fvwm2 and fvwm95) can use them in the menuentries.

> 3.) modify install-fvwmgen to look for icons in theese directories (if
>     the icon path is not absolut). if the icon is missiong - don't
>     use it.

OK, I can do that. And because at the moment no other window
managers than fvwm2/fvwm95-2 can use icons in the menus, that
seems (at the moment) reasonable.

> 4.) add icons to menu files and defaults. we should find a standard icon
> size (it siply doesn't look good having a 64x64 icon and a 16x16 icon in
> one menu) and standard background color and if possible reduce all icons
> to the same 16 colors or so.

Absolutely. Nobody disagreeing with you there.

> > Some packages may want to provide their own icon for the menus, for
> > example, dosemu already provides an icon in its package that's used in
> > the menus.
> they should put it into /usr/X11R6/include/{bitmaps,pixmaps}/PACKAGE.ext
> and use a relative path. dosemu creates a new directory
> /usr/X11R6/include/pixmap/ for it's icon - should be changed.

(I geuss there's a typo in your reply there, did you mean

OK, maybe /usr/X11R6/include/pixmap/ could better be something else.
But still I don't see the real benefit of one pixmap dir. (to me,
/usr/X11R6/include/$(package), or any package-specific dir, seems
quite fine with me to. (even though I will not oppose changes,
I just don't see the need for the changes).

BTW, we need to agree on a color-set quickly, otherwise everyone
will have TrueColor visuals before we fixed the color set.

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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