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Re: Goals for 1.3?

Winfried>         . /etc/defaults/boot
Winfried>         . /etc/script-env/boot
Bruce> PLEASE do not implement it this way. Do not make it necessary to have
Bruce> hundreds of little files to run a Debian system. Do it in one database,

Marek> One more little file for each package.  The safe defaults (to use when
Marek> the config file is missing) can be hardcoded in the init.d scripts,
Marek> there is no need to change them there (just create a config file).

Indeed. That's the current compromise discussed in debian-admintool: 
hardcode the defaults into the script and source in a central file to
overwrite these defaults.
The original motivation to seperate the code from the settings was to make
the scripts truely upgradable. We can achieve this without introducing
fallback-defaults nor do we need to source in little shell-scripts like I
proposed (the problem with them is not the space they eat up but the fact
that they would only contain 3-4 settings each).


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