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Re: IANA stuff

Kai wrote:
> The question is still open - do people think packaging
> A. the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) stuff - stuff like MIME  
> types, port numbers, bootp options, telnet options, and so on
> B. Some RFCs (see above for what might be a good selection)
> would be a good idea? I'm quite willing to do it, *if* people want to have  
> it.

I'd like to have it.  I think having a good set of off-line programming
documentation is something that would really set Debian apart as a
development environment.
> I could also do something about draft (not yet published) RFCs, but I  
> don't think that would be a good idea.

Why not?  Especially if you can automate the process of including them in
the package when you build it -- and include the expiry date.  I personally
think that off-line "content applications" like Marimba is promoting is
the way of the future.


 - Jim

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