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Re: Future Debian CD plans

[Warning: I use a word some people consider obscene below]

Jan 20, 10:50pm, Winfried Truemper wrote:
> To look like a commercial product but to "carry the torch of free
> software" seems to me like to lie about the own parentage.

The purpose of the Debian project is to make a professional quality
system _entirely_of_free_software_. That's how we carry the torch.
This includes support and packaging, _because_ we intend the product to
be usable by more people than just the ones who wrote it.  Today it is
usable by technical people in non-technical organizations, but lacks
the attributes expected by those organizations.

To eschew an effort to make the project attractive to anyone but us
hackers would make Debian a sort of intellectual masturbation: a
bunch of hackers writing software for no one else to run.

If you really feel this way, you do not belong in the organization.


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