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Re: menu generated windows manager files

> Isn't there some large collection of free icons out there? I forget the
> name of the package, but it's not part of debian yet. It would be a good
> starting-point, though. 

fvwm-common will provide about 200 icons (when icons of fvwm2 and fvwm95
have merged). other good icon colections are AIcons and hobbes icons,
but i didn't check copyright (they are huge collectins, i don't think
there is a copyright notice at all). but i don't think it's a good deal
to install theese collections. but they may be usefull for developers
looking for a good icon for there programm. should they get debianized ?

1.) /usr/X11R6/include/X11/{bitmaps,pixmaps} should be defined as
standart icon path for all programms (maybe this has already been done
by fsstnd. if not, put it into policy or programmers manual).

2.) change windowmanager config files to include theese directories
	(system.fvwm2rc has no path at all, system.fvwmrc is fine,
	fvwm95 is also fine, can other wm use icons ?)

3.) modify install-fvwmgen to look for icons in theese directories (if
    the icon path is not absolut). if the icon is missiong - don't
    use it.

4.) add icons to menu files and defaults. we should find a standard icon
size (it siply doesn't look good having a 64x64 icon and a 16x16 icon in
one menu) and standard background color and if possible reduce all icons
to the same 16 colors or so.

fvwm95 comes with mini-icons 16x14 and mini.icons (14x14), 
most icons 6 colors or less (there is a file colormap - maybe all icons
use the colors in this file), normal icons are 32x32 but there are also
severall icons with other sizes. there are also some very fine icon
collections 40x40 with all icons having a frame and using the same
colors (designed for the web, but might be translatet to xpm).

does sombody know what size other distributions and os are using ?

> Some packages may want to provide their own icon for the menus, for
> example, dosemu already provides an icon in its package that's used in
> the menus.

they should put it into /usr/X11R6/include/{bitmaps,pixmaps}/PACKAGE.ext
and use a relative path. dosemu creates a new directory
/usr/X11R6/include/pixmap/ for it's icon - should be changed.
the icon is 64x48 and uses 22 colors.

(64x48 is large for an icon, and 22 colors is quite a lot for an icon).

regards andreas

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