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Re: DOS cross-compiler -- making a package

Klee Dienes wrote:
> I'm also working to build a port of Debian to the Cygwin32 environment
> (Debian GNU/Win32?).  I hope to have a 3-4Mb setup.exe for the base
> environment, and then use Debian packages to install the rest of the
> software.  The intent is both to provide a decent package management
> system for Cygwin32 (some form of which seems desperately needed at
> the moment), as well as to expand the visibility and availability of
> the Debian packaging tools to a larger audience.  Let me know if
> you're interested in testing / helping with this as I get closer to
> being finished.


Every since I tried out cygwin32 on my Win95 box, I've been thinking the
exact same thing.

Count me in.


 - Jim

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