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Re: debmake question ...

You are misunderstanding what debmake does. Debmake cannot do a complete
job and it does not have some mystic way of knowing how a sourcepackage
should be debianized. It gives you a standard layout to be customized!

On 23 Jan 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

eichin >deb-make doesn't get libraries quite right yet anyhow (the sub-package
eichin >template (1) gets miscopied, unless Christoph has fixed that (2) is
eichin >incompatible with dpkg-source, at least at the moment, in how it
eichin >creates the subpackage...) so I'd suggest using it to do the binary
eichin >package stuff and then add on the library bits later (from a working
eichin >example like libelf, perhaps, though it's a little kludgy too...)
eichin >
eichin >
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