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Re: CD issues

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> > How about a compromise: floppy-less install from ATAPI and SCSI CD-ROM
> > drives, the drivers floppy still required for the other CD-ROM types.
> > Very few people will notice - 99% of currently used CD-ROMs are ATAPI
> > or SCSI, the "proprietary" ones are mostly historic 1x and 2x drives.

> Hmm, I highly doubt that only 1% of CD-ROMs are the so-called "proprietary" 
> kind.  A lot of CD-ROMs using proprietary models are out there.

It's cutting it close, but the current root.bin seems to have 99k
free.  The sbpcd.o module is 74k ... 

So, supposing we have drivers or modules as needed.  What do we ask
the user to determine which one to use?  For IDE we could:

 * Ask the user to insert the CD
 * Search for a /dev/hd[bcd] with an ISO9660 fs.
 * If we can't find one and we can't open /dev/hd[cd], suggest the the
   user reboot with hdc=cdrom or hdd=cdrom.

We could use a similar proceedure for SCSI. (Also, in either the IDE
or SCSI case, we may be able to probe the drives to ask what they

But I know nothing of sbpcd issues (and other proprietary cards) -
some of these need some hints (via arguments) to find their CD drives.

Also, isn't there a mitsumi driver? Is that included in the kernel?
(I don't see it on drv1440.bin). Is sbpcd.o the only proprietary
CDROM not in the kernel?


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