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Re: "virtual" and "real" maintainers [Suggestion]

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> Concerning the list of old bugs:
> We need to figure out whether the respective maintainer is "real" or
> "virtual". Some of us reply rather quickly, some in short time, but some
> reply almost never, and some have dropped off the project. Just have a look
> at the buglist and wonder for some of the maintainers when you last read an
> email from them.
> The one solution that I can think of now is too draconian, or shall I say
> Orwellian: I can only think of registering when someone posts to a
> debian-* list, and/or uploads a package.
> Does anyone have a better idea? 

why not change the current 'Maintainers' file format:

<package name>	<developper name> <developper email>


<package name>  <developper name> <developper email> <last upload date>

I guess this should be easy to generate automatically (Guy?), and it will 
provide an easy way to check which package have not been uploaded since a 
loooooong time.


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