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elf-x11r6lib? (was: Revised Virtual Package Names List)

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Warwick HARVEY wrote:

> This list will be uploaded to master shortly.
> The only change this time is the addition of the Java virtual packages.  I'm
> currently working on fixing the X section (in consultation with Stephen
> Early.
> Now, the list:
> X Windows:
> ----------
> X11R5                   XFree86 R5, including base system (obsolete)
> xR5shlib                XFree86 R5 shared library only
> X11R6                   XFree86 R6, including base system
> xR6shlib                XFree86 R6 shared library only
> xlibraries              XFree86 R6 shared library or stub library
> xserver                 Any X server (used by other X packages)

As you stated above, you want to fix this list. But on which package
should a package `depend' that uses the standard x11r6 (elf) libs?

If I remember right, Guy said that elf-x11r6lib has to be used, but this
is not on your list. Which one should I use?



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