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Re: Is this a bug in dpkg-source

Shaya Potter writes:
-> I don't think dpkg-source works for debian only packages.  I just tries 
-> unpacking adduser, and it complained about some object file being in the 
-> archive, but when I unpacked it manually, I couldn't find any thing.
-> The exact error is
-> $ dpkg-source -x adduser*.dsc
-> dpkg-source: error: tarfile `./adduser_2.13.tar.gz' contains object 
-> (adduser-2.11/) not in expected directory (adduser-2.13)

Erm, not exactly.  The wording is a little weird, but what it's saying
is that it was not expecting the tarfile to contain the directory
adduser-2.11 (Since the version is 2.13, it expects adduser-2.13). Try
untarring it by hand and seeing if that is the case.

If that's the case, the bug is with the adduser 2.13 source package.

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