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Re: "non-us" misleading? (was: Re: Non-free section )

Winfried Truemper:
> We would just "force" the user to read the COPYRIGHT notice of a non-free 
> package: let him confirm he read it. No own explanations. (This should be
> optional for "free" packages.)

I don't think this is necessary - that's what /usr/doc/<package>/copyright
is for.  Let the user confirm (only once, not for every package) that he
knows where to find copyright information.

If we force users to read copyright notices, we should do that for all
packages - only public domain (not copyrighted) software is truly free,
and "free software" means different things to different people.  After
all, someone might not accept the GPL, too.

For example, FreeBSD uses some GNU stuff, but it's all in a separate tree,
just like we do with non-free and contrib, and they try to use non-GPL
alternatives whenever possible.  That's because they consider the GPL more
restrictive than BSD copyrights.  We may not agree with them, but no one
is 100% definitely right - it's all a matter of personal preferences.

Then there is the problem with GPLed development libraries (not free IMHO
- freely distributable, but not freely useable), maybe we should have some
policy on this?  Or maybe we should talk to the upstream copyright holders
about changing the license - we do cooperate with them, right?

> I'm no lawyer, but if the copyright/licence/usage information is displayed
> before installation (-> attempt of usage), the user would have a chance to
> cancel it.

Well, the user will simply choose another distribution where they don't
have to constantly accept licenses during installation.

> If we do not give him this chance, one could get the opinion that Debian
> (or even the maintainer) inveigles the user ... and therefore can be sued.

In the US, you can be sued for everything.  To win, you just need more $$$
than the opposite side can afford to spend.  Sigh.


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