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Re: Future Debian CD plans

In article <199701200223.UAA19711@bofh.me.umn.edu> you write:
>>I for one would buy a Debian T-shirt for sale at any price $25 or less
>>if I knew it would support development.


>I'd buy one, too, but would like to warn that many t-shirt sales I
>have seen over the 'net have gone poorly for buyer and seller alike
>(examples include Joel Furr's alt.folklore.* t-shirt sales growing
>beyond the ability of one person to handle, and a few similar deals
>seen around alt.sysadmin.recovery).
>Besides, have we settled on a logo yet? :)

That's a good point - how long is the current debate on the logo front
going to take? If we could place a more immediate cut-off on the logo vote
web page and get some T-shirts out quickly this could help on 2 fronts:

      1. Money made from sales to help publicity for next release
      2. The t-shirts themselves would be good publicity.

I'd suggest finalising the vote within 14 days and then trying to get the
T-shirts out in a further couple of weeks if we can manage it. There are
lost of people saying they'd like T-shirts...

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