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Re: Future Debian CD plans

From: Martin Konold <konold@fiwi02.wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de>
> If anyone want to sell a "commercial" Debian based Distribution, they
> might do so. 

We would not stop anyone from making a commercial product using Debian.
This is simply a strategy to make Debian look more legitimate in
commercial users eyes.

> By definition of the VERY strict Debian rules it seems that the proposed
> "official" Debian might only qualify for the non-free part of the
> Distribution...

Actually, the official ISO image goes in the free section for use by
anyone. Only the cover and label artwork goes in the non-free section,
and you can't call your CD "official" without our permission, and we'd
raise a little money for the project. We would produce a new ISO image
with each release. Nothing much about the project as it is today would

Again, what I am trying to do here is make the _appearance_ of a
commercial product so that users can sell Debian for use within their
own organization. I'm not sure you understood my intent.


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