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Re: dselect thoughts

On Thu, 23 Jan 1997 13:38:44 +1100 Mr Stuart Lamble 
(lamble@aurora.cc.monash.edu.au) wrote:

> Yes, Lars, I read your long rant, and it got me to thinking
> about possible solutions for dselect's user interface. :)
> Bear in mind that all my comments are strictly IMESHO. :)
> The main basis for this discussion is that dselect at the
> moment is:
>   1) unwieldy: you have to scroll through a large number of
>      packages when installing.
>   2) unfriendly: it makes dependancy checks _every time_
>      you select a package.
> My proposal is that 2) would be solved by checking for
> dependancies, suggestions, and recommendations at the end
> of package selection. Recommended packages would
> automatically be selected, and the user informed; suggested
> packages would _not_ be selected, but would be included for
> the user's perusal. Unresolved dependancies would be
> selected automatically, as for recommendations.

I prefer the current dselect's behavior, because I can immediately 
see when a package needs a whole bunch of libraries or not. I'm 
afraid that at the end of the selection, one might get confused by 
the tremendous amount of packages dselect choose on one's behalf.

IMHESO too...


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