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Re: deblint, anyone?

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

liw >The package building tools do some checking on the package that
liw >they build, but they miss many errors. I think a separate tool
liw >to check packages for common errors would be a good idea, and
liw >should be pretty simple to write.

Most of the proposed checks are already in debmake. I can add some
functionality for those things that are missing. The code is there it just
needs to be extracted from the "debstd" tool and made work on a binary
package I guess.

liw >I envision a tool, provisionally called deblint, that would,
liw >for example, do the following:
liw >
liw >	- check that files have sensible permissions (no files owned
liw >	  by dynamically allocated uids, for example)

Checking all the owners/groups against the /etc/passwd and /etc/group
in base-passwd right?

liw >	- check that files are in sensible locations (no files in
liw >	  /usr/local, for example)

Debmake does not check that condition but it could be done easily.

liw >	- check that there are manual pages, and that they are compressed

Some functionality like that is there.

liw >	- check that there is a /usr/doc/<package> directory, with
liw >	  the required files

Done by debmake.
liw >deblint should be a separate tool from the normal package
liw >building tools (dpkg-dev and debmake), so that we can check
liw >existing packages, not just new packages.

If no one else volunteers then I can add the functionality you want to
debstd and then make a separate deblint shell script that does just the
checks on a binary package.

liw >(Or do we have this already? We have so much stuff now, that I
liw >have trouble finding anything.)

Andreas might have done something like that.

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