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deblint, anyone?

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Too much time on your hands? Know perl? Why not write deblint?

The package building tools do some checking on the package that
they build, but they miss many errors. I think a separate tool
to check packages for common errors would be a good idea, and
should be pretty simple to write.

I envision a tool, provisionally called deblint, that would,
for example, do the following:

	- check that files have sensible permissions (no files owned
	  by dynamically allocated uids, for example)
	- check that files are in sensible locations (no files in
	  /usr/local, for example)
	- check that there are manual pages, and that they are compressed
	- check that there is a /usr/doc/<package> directory, with
	  the required files

deblint should probably have several levels of warnings (e.g.,
by default, warn about all setuid and setgid programs, since
few packages have them, but have an option to disable those
warnings for packages that do have them).

deblint should be a separate tool from the normal package
building tools (dpkg-dev and debmake), so that we can check
existing packages, not just new packages.

I'm afraid I don't have the time to write it myself.

(Or do we have this already? We have so much stuff now, that I
have trouble finding anything.)

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