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Bug#6688: release configuration not managed properly

Package: general
Version: 1.2.3

Problem:  Something may still be missing in Debian's policies
and/or procedures for adding packags to the stable releases.   It 
appears the someone is still placing in the stable release area
(1.2.x) packages that depend on other package versions that are
_not_ in the stable release area.

For example, unless I've updated incorrectly (I use dftp), perl-suid
from the stable area (Debian-1.2-fixed as of 97/01/19) depends on perl
version 5.003-07-5.   However, the perl version in the stable area is
version 5.003.07-2. 

(That is, I have been updating my system with dftp, I think I
have the latest perl version installed (but that's where I could
have something wrong), I just tried updating with dftp, and for
perl-suid it reported that it needed perl version 5.003-07-5 but
only version 5.003.07-2 is installed.)

This has been happening a lot.

Suggested Fix:  I think your release procedures should include checking
for such erroneous dependencies (e.g., running a script (or some dpkg
option?) to check for such problems before a new release directory is
finally released).  That is, check that all depended-on packages,
of the right version numbers, are actually in the stable release

Daniel S. Barclay

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