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debianize Utah Raster Toolkit anyone?

I am intending to create a debian package of the Utah Raster Toolkit (a bunch
of utilities and a library to manipulate images in the Utah rle format, and
conversion programs to/from this format).

A couple of questions:

1) I'm a little confused about what to do with packages which could have a
shared library. My guess is that I should create the following packages:
urt_3.1b: contains all the programs, and depends on
librle_1.0: which just contains the shared lib
librle-dev_1.0: the static libs and header files.
Would this be correct?

2) I think the following copyright is OK - can somebody please tell me if I am
 * This software is copyrighted as noted below.  It may be freely copied,
 * modified, and redistributed, provided that the copyright notice is
 * preserved on all copies.
 * There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness for this software,
 * it is provided solely "as is".  Bug reports or fixes may be sent
 * to the author, who may or may not act on them as he desires.
 * You may not include this software in a program or other software product
 * without supplying the source, or without informing the end-user that the
 * source is available for no extra charge.
 * If you modify this software, you should include a notice giving the
 * name of the person performing the modification, the date of modification,
 * and the reason for such modification.


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