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Bug#6656: RFE of /etc/magic (patch included)

On Sat, Jan 18 1997 2:39 +0100 Vincent Renardias writes:
> ==> Add the following line to /etc/magic
> 0   belong      0xcafebabe  Java ByteCode
> After:
> ------
> % file ImageNotFoundException.class 
> ImageNotFoundException.class: Java ByteCode
> %

I'd like to ask a favor for the file resp. /etc/magic maintainer:
I would be helpful if printable things would have `text' in it's description,
(runnable) binaries would have `executable' in it, and `data' for all the
other (dead) data files.
This would allow programs which use file(1) to examine the contents (most notably
printing filters) to unambiguously distinguish the contents.

>From /etc/magic:
# Add any locally observed files here.  Remember:
# text if readable, executable if runnable binary, data if unreadable.

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