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Re: DOS cross-compiler -- making a package

> > Well, I found something interesting today.  There is a cross-compiler for 
> > Linux that will generate DOS code.  This is something that I've needed for 
> > awhile.
> Can you give us a pointer to this package? If it's "bcc" and "as86"
> and the like, I think they're already in the ELKS package, if not it's
> something new and I'd like to see it too :-)

It is the four binary packages stored on sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/devel/msdos.
 You must use all four of them, I think.  It will generate 32-bit DOS code 
that requires DPMI, which means the DOS code must be run under one of the 
following conditions:

 1) Windows DOS Box
 2) OS/2 DOS Box
 3) DOSEMU box with DPMI enabled
 4) Plain DOS with the free CWSDPMI.EXE stored in the same directory as
    your executable

While I'm talking to you anyway (I can't help but notice you are from cygnus.com)...there is a cygnus Win32 cross-compiler in Debian (version 12 I believe) that is rather outdated... (I believe the latest is version 17)  I cannot seem to find a CYGWIN.DLL anywhere that will let programs compiled by the Debian version of the Cygnus Win32 cross-compiler work.  The CYGWIN.DLL on the FTP site appears to only work with newer versions of the compiler.

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