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Available Debian Packages

I am looking for people willing to take over one or more of the following
packages. I have the problem of getting involved into too many issues it
seems..... will try to focus on a few.

adbbs		A BBS in Perl. Needs a better setup of pre-customized files
bl		Blink Keyboard LEDs
bonnie		File System Performance testing
boa		Fast WebServer
btoa		converts binary files to ascii and vice versa
bulkmail	optimizes sending of huge amounts of e-mail
chos		Boot Loader with a Menu
ncompress	The original compress
newsgate	E-mail <-> News Gateway
defrag		Needs a major Revision of the sourcecode and made
		available for other architectures than i386.
linux86		The former ELKS package. I dont use it right now.
		Contains lots of 8086 stuff that need work.
fdos		FreeDOS. There are issues on the fdos mailing list that
		need attention. New release pending.
genromfs	New Read Only File System
ibcs		I dont use it since the application we tried to use did not
		work. All releases are essentially untested.
rpm		Someone should try to get on the RPM mailing list at Red Hat
		and follow issues / offer suggestions that might eventually
		lead to a unified packaging standard for Linux.

speak_freely	Tool collection to do voice communication across the Internet.

ncsa		New Webstandards need to be implemented
man2html	Views manpages as html. Allow full text search of all
		manpages. Needs to be adapted to new evolving web standards.

gpc		Gnu Pascal Compiler
newsx		News Exchange (like suck)
upsd		UPS Power Monitor

hwtools		Tools to change SCSI settings. Analyse I/O ports etc etc
idled		Throw out idle users
autolog		Ditto
netdiag		Network diagnostic tool collection
poppassd	Remote password change for Eudora etc.
rlpr		Remote printing
snarf		Download files via HTTP etc.
syslinux	Boot Loader used by Debian Bootdisks
svgatextmode	Higher Res. Text Video Modes.
dosemu		Dos Emulator.
mgetty		Advanced Modem Getty program


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