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Re: LinuxThreads soname

On 29 Jan 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> I do agree with Ulrich that it's better to use different directories
> than different sonames.  Future cleanliness outweighs present
> ugliness.
> Prompted by Ulrich's suggestion of new versions of ld-linux and
> additional fields in ld.so.conf, I've thought of a solution:
> Lines in /etc/ld.so.conf will have a second, optional, field - a
> version number of ld-linux.so.  ld-linux will look in directories that
> match its version number before looking in directories that don't have
> a version number.  It will never look in directories with an unmatched
> version number.  A new version of ld-linux is released with
> ld-linux.so.2 for libc6 and ld-linux.so.1 for libc5.
> New versions of libc5 linked libraries are released.  The libraries
> are installed into the /lib/elf, /usr/lib/elf, etc.  The libraries all
> have to depend on a version of ld-linux that supports the above
> scheme.  In the preinst, they will all check that their install
> directory exists in /etc/ld.so.conf with the appropriate version, 1.
> If not, they add it.
> New versions of libc6 linked libraries are released.  They have the
> same soname but different package names so can coexist with their

Why not have the new versions of the old libraries have different package
names (blah-libc5) for the moment?

> libc5 equivalent on Debian and Redhat.  Each of them checks in the
> preinst for 1) the libc5 version which installs into .../elf/, or 2)
> no libc5 version being installed.  They should also conflict with the
> old version of the libc5 library so it won't get installed.
> This scheme will work for future versions of libc as long as we always
> upgrade the major version of ld-linux along with libc.
> Also, David suggested appending the `elf' to the directories.  It
> might be better to append `libc5'.

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