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Re: deb-check 0.1 uploaded to master.debian.org

On Tue, 31 Dec 1996, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

[ cut question about what is correct debian policy ]

> i changed this with version 0.2 of deb-check. nearly everything checked
> by deb-check is already done correctly by debstd, so what about
> checking for valid man pages in debstd ? if debstd can do this i can
> dump deb-check :-)

I prefer a tool like deb-check over debmake since it allows me to
check that I'm in agreement with the debian standard without
constraining me in how I achieve it.

I'm new to debian.  Having to learn the debian standard and the
two tools, dpkg and debmake, is counter productive.  I'd much
prefer one tool with some "lint like" check to make sure
everything is correct.

--- Jean Pierre

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