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IMPORTANT: Who holds dpkg responsibility now?

I ask because another developer whose name I have forgotten and I have
made various fixes for epoch handling so that it actually seems to
work, and I think it is very important to see these make it into the
distribution (especially back into rex) SOON.

I don't want to step on anyone's (Heiko's?) toes, but I think these
changes are very important (there are at least two packages which need
them), so:

     *** I will release dpkg- with all epoch-bug-smashing
     patches integrated unless I hear from someone with authority or a
     good reason I shouldn't before this Saturday ***.

For the nonce, I've got the binaries I generated (with the patched
source) available at ftp://debian.med.miami.edu/pub/mdorman/ named
dpkg- to reflect its totally, utterly, absolutely un-official

I would be curious to hear peoples experiences with it.  At the same
location people can get a copy of the zlib binaries I build with the
modified tools---it uses an epoch in order to get around the
dpkg/dselect perception that it represents a downgrade from version
1.03, when in fact it is later, but the numbering scheme changed



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