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Re: looking for fvwm95 maintainer

Ok. You got the package. Get into contact with Joost. He has the newest

On 15 Jan 1997, Kenneth MacDonald wrote:

kenny >Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:
kenny >
kenny >> Right now Joost is doing some work on fvwm95 but he does not want to be
kenny >> maintaining fvwm95. I barely have time to deal with it.
kenny >> 
kenny >> I think fvwm95 is a very important Window Manager since it allows people
kenny >> without Unix experience to use a familiar user interface.
kenny >
kenny >I've tried to follow the development of fvwm95, and since I'm at last
kenny >ready to come back to Debian (I submitted my PhD Thesis at last!),
kenny >I'll give it a go.  Gives me a good excuse to get up to speed with the
kenny >new Debain package format and the useful new tools.
kenny >
kenny >Kenny.
kenny >

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