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Re: long lines in source package (was: Re: no final newline in source package: how to deal with this?)

> What should be done in this case? I do have a patch for patch
> but in light of the recent discussion on subdirectories under
> debian/ this is contradictory to the spirit of the standard.
> What are the alternatives?

Well, my "solution" to this type of problem was as follows:

Since patch can't deal with it, treat the file in question as a binary
file (do not edit it), and write perl/sed commands in debian/rules to make
all necessary modifications to the file.

#!/usr/bin/perl -i\$q='$q',\$p='$p';eval\$q.\$\^I\n"#  #   joey@kite.ml.org
$q='print"$p$^I\n',$p='#!/usr/bin/perl -i';eval$q.$^I  #          Joey Hess
                      "He. He. He." - - Herman Toothrot

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