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Re: FTP access to master.debian.org

> >I've created myself a key pair and both my machine and the gateway have
> >ssh installed (and thus host key pairs).
> >
> >What do I have to put in the .shosts and .ssh/authorized_keys files to
> >be able to login this way?
> What I did was generate my key pair without a pass phrase. If you give
> ssh a passphrase, it will want to know what it is before you can log into
> a remote system. I've found .shosts to be irrelevant: ~sjlam/.shosts
> on master contains:

You're right.  If I generate the key pair without a pass phrase it works
fine.  Thanks!

The man page said you should only generate a pair without a pass phrase
if you knew what you were doing.  I suppose this is because now anybody
who broke into my account would also have access to my account on master?

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