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Re: Available Debian Packages

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, John Goerzen wrote:

jgoerzen >I'd be willing to manage these packages:
jgoerzen >> bulkmail	optimizes sending of huge amounts of e-mail
jgoerzen >> idled		Throw out idle users
jgoerzen >> snarf		Download files via HTTP etc.
jgoerzen >> mgetty		Advanced Modem Getty program
jgoerzen >
jgoerzen >Also...wrt btoa...  If it is still a usefule package in light of UUENCODE and 
jgoerzen >MIME, I'd be willing to work with it.  (I have it installed but haven't ever 
jgoerzen >really had a need to use it.)

I have never had to use it but it was on the list of things to be done. Do
you want it?

You can have all the 4 above. Please get the newest version from unstable
and upload a new version containing your maintainer name,

jgoerzen >
jgoerzen >I also may be available to manage newsgate, I'll let you know...  (If somebody 
jgoerzen >else wants newsgate, feel free to give it to them at this point.)
Newsgate has already been taken.

I have removed the above mentioned 4 packages from my development tree.

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